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In late September, Third Man Records announced a sweet, hugely ambition project, ‘The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records: 1917-1937’,  chronicling a Wisconsin-based furniture company that produced some of the world’s most important records in the history of music. Third Man’s website titillated fans with a handful of awesome production photos of the set, but neglected to mention a price tag. That is, until now.

Revealing in an interview with Rolling Stone Senior Writer, David Frike, this week, TMR head-honcho, Jack White, announced the first volume set would cost about $400.00, a far less amount than many had presumed.

“It’s not about making money on this one,” White expresses to Frike, of his most ambitious project to date as a label boss: The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records, Volume One (1917-1927). Despite the recent stereo remasters vinyl box set put out by the Beatles a couple of years ago costing upwards of $350.00, White’s treasure trove of the early American recordings is a steal, comparatively.

The ‘Rise and Fall’ wonder-cabinet gives equal status to page-turning narrative and new scholarship; original and newly created graphic art; industrial design; and compelling analog and digital music experiences.  ‘Volume One’ contains the following:

* 800 newly-remastered digital tracks, representing 172 artists

* 200+ fully-restored original 1920s ads and images

* 6x 180g vinyl LPs pressed on burled chestnut colored vinyl w/ hand-engraved, blind-embossed gold-leaf labels, housed in a laser-etched white birch LP folio

* 250 page deluxe large-format clothbound hardcover art book

* 360 page encyclopedia-style softcover field guide containing artist portraits and full Paramount discography

* Handcrafted quarter-sawn oak cabinet with lush sage velvet upholstery and custom-forged metal hardware

* First-of-its-kind music and image player app, allowing user mgmt of all tracks and ads, housed on custom-designed USB drive

According to the Rolling Stone article, fans will be able to pre-order the set from TMR’s website beginning October 29th, while the general public won’t be able to get their hands on it until November 19th. The first volume set will be limited to 5,000 copies worldwide. Volume Two is slated for a November 2014 release.

Start saving that lemonade stand money, folks!


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