The ‘Ghostbusters’ Re-Cast!!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Aug 21st, 2013

Hi, Bryan Here….


Here’s the Multi-Media Men Podcast #5 with Bryan Kluger, Gadi Elkon, Andrew Conway, Adam Conway, and special guest Marc Ciafardini. In this episode we re-cast the entire cast of ‘Ghostbusters‘, and even re-cast a few characters from the sequel. We hope you enjoy our casting decisions. Please let us know you dreamcast for ‘Ghostbusters‘ if it differs from ours. Enjoy the show.




(We mis-used Zuul for Gozer…our apologies) Here is who we re-cast:


Peter Venkman – Bill Murray

Raymond Stantz – Dan Aykroyd

Dana Barrett – Sigourney Weaver

Egon Spangler – Harold Ramis

Louis Tully – Rick Moranis

Janine Melnitz – Annie Potts

Walter Peck – William Atherton

Winston Zedmore – Ernie Hudson

Janosz Poha – Peter McNicol

Vigo – Wilhelm Von Homburg

Judge – Harris Yulin

 Gozer РSlavitza Jovan 


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