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Warner Bros. has just bought the movie projected titled ‘Rasputin‘, based on the Russian mystic, which was pitched by writer Jason Hall. Warner Bros. and Hall are developing this project for Leonardo DiCaprio and writing the screenplay with him in mind to play Grigori Rasputin, the healer and mystic who became an advisor to the Russian Imperial family known as the Romanovs. This project will be produced by DiCaprio’s company Appian Way as well as Langley Park.

Hall has done much as of yet in his career, but I have a feeling that in the next two years, he will have an academy award. His next film he is working on is titled ‘American Sniper‘, which stars Bradley Cooper as a Navy SEAL elite sniper and will be directed by Steven Spielberg. That’s huge for a guy whose never done anything in the business. Hall has also written a film called ‘Paranoia‘, which is in post-production and has an all-star cast including Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, and Richard Dreyfuss.

4 Grigori Rasputin

This is not the first time someone has made a film about Rasputin, but it seems like Hall dug up some new information on the guy and that intrigued DiCaprio enough to push full steam ahead, according to Deadline. ” To his enemies, he was a charlatan who prolifically bedded women, possibly including the Tsar’s wife. DiCaprio liked the complicated elements of a child who lost the better part of himself when his brother died, and was capable of kindness but also a ruthlessness. Rasputin, who earlier had survived being stabbed, was shot, strangled, shot again, all in one night, and finally drowned when thrown into the icy Neva River.”

Will this finally earn DiCaprio the Oscar? Probably not, but it’s worth a shot right?  I’m still waiting for DiCaprio to work on the narrative version of ‘Grizzly Man‘, but this film sounds interesting and I’m sure he’ll do a phenomenal job.


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