‘The Hangover III’ Trailer is Here!!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Mar 7th, 2013

Hi, Bryan Here….


Well it’s here, folks. We debuted the poster yesterday and today we get the first trailer for the epic conclusion of the money making comedy franchise. I enjoyed the first film quite a bit, and the 2nd one felt like it was the same exact film with the same exact jokes, which got redundant. I hope this third and final film goes all out and is at least a bit original.

Enjoy the trailer below.


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Matt Farrell:
Jesus Christ. It's a fire sale.
John McClane:
Matt Farrell:
It's a fire sale.
Deputy Director Miguel Bowman:
Hey! We don't know that yet.
And it's a myth anyway. It can't be done.
Matt Farrell:
Oh, it's a myth? Really? Please tell me she's only here for show and she's actually not in charge of anything.
John McClane:
What's a fire sale?
Matt Farrell:
It's a three-step... it's a three-step systematic attack on the entire national infrastructure. Okay, step one: take out all the transportation. Step two: the financial base and telecoms. Step three: You get rid of all the utilities. Gas, water, electric, nuclear. Pretty much anything that's run by computers which... which today is almost everything. So that's why they call it a fire sale, because everything must go.
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