Press shot courtesy of The Black Keys.
Press shot courtesy of The Black Keys.

Hey rock and roll fans, Napkin Art here…

It’s that time of year again. The 55th Grammy Awards are happening on February 10, 2013, and the list of performers for the evening are starting to trickle in. You may have already seen the list of nominees, which is a slight improvement from past award ceremonies, but let’s hope this year’s performers won’t disappoint.

The only bands we give a damn about who are on the list of performers (so far) is The Black Keys and UK darlings, Mumford & Sons, who I’m sure, will be rocking the tunes they’ve been nominated for (The Black Keys’ “Lonely Boy” for ‘Record of the Year’, while the two face off for ‘Album of the Year’ nods, as well).¬†Rihanna and Taylor Swift were also tapped to perform at the ceremony (yawn.)¬†Hopefully, Jack White, who is also up for ‘Album of the Year’ nods for his best-selling debut LP, “Blunderbuss,” will also get tapped to perform. You know his performance alone will make The Grammys worth watching alone. Remember “Seven Nation Army” from the 46th Annual Grammy Awards?

What performers are you hoping to catch live at The Grammys this year?

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