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We all know that there is a sequel to ‘The Muppets’ coming soon.  I thought director James Bobin and Jason Segel did a phenomenal job in resurrecting Jim Henson’s creation.  Well, we have several tidbits of information about the upcoming sequel, which is set to release December 20, 2013.

We know that Nicholas Stoller and James Bobin are writing the script and that Bobin will be sitting in the director’s chair once again.  We also know that this sequel will be a comedy caper all set in Europe and will be filmed in and around London.  Christoph Waltz will play an Interpol agent and while Jason Segel won’t be starring in the film, he might just have a small cameo.  Also, this sequel will introduce new muppets that have never been seen before.

And Bret McKenzie will be returning to do the music and write the songs for the sequel.  His work on the first film earned him the Oscar for Best Song.  Shooting will begin in January of the new year and finish sometime around April.  We expect tons more casting news with a list of all cameos very soon.  I can’t wait.





By Bryan Kluger

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