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Well, we can all look for another Muppet film in the coming future, but it won’t be with Jason Segel. In an interview over at Collider, Segel, who co-wrote and starred in the Muppet Movie, which yes folk, has an OSCAR, talks about why he won’t be starring or writing the sequel.  After reading his response, I agree with him.  Segel is very talented and very funny, and I look forward to his future projects, muppets or not.


Segel said regarding the rumors that he would not be involved in the sequel to the Muppets, “It’s true but it’s totally amicable. My goal was to bring The Muppets back and I did that leaving them in very good hands, my writing partner and James Bobin the director. I did what I set out to do, and now I wanna pursue more human-related projects (laughs).  All I wanted to do was to set the stage for them to do whatever they wanted. I’m sure I’ll return in some capacity here and there, but that was half a decade of my life. Five years of hard work. I’m ready for a little puppet break.”


I am fine with this, and I think Bobin and Segel’s writing partner Nicholas Stoller will just as good of a job without Segel’s help.  I’d imagine Segel might lend a hand in a small way (maybe a cameo), but that’s about it.  But I for one look very much forward to another Muppet film with much more laughter and guest appearances.


Your thoughts?

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