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Move over zombies, because the new threat are animal poachers.  Warner Bros. is developing two films with big names attached about the illegal poaching and trafficking of endangered animals around the world.  Both projects are being produced by Tobey Maguire, Tom Hardy, and Leonardo DiCaprio’s studios.  I expect big casts out of these films too.  Because, once Hollywood gets behind something, they are a force to be reckoned with.

One film is being written by Sheldon Turner, the co-writer of ‘Up In The Air’, and is on track to star Tom Hardy.  This project was the idea of Hardy as well.  The film, which doesn’t have a title currently, will be set in Africa and will follow Hardy as a former Special Forces soldier who signs up with a friend to work overseas and train rangers to fight of poachers.  Well, the two friends end up falling love with the animals and the land, and will stop at nothing to take out all evil poachers.

The other film, which has no writer yet, is being described as being in the same vein as the film ‘Traffic’, which will cover the industry that smuggles and trafficks illegal animals and their sexual organs to be used as aphrodisiacs.  “Boy, that escalated quickly.”  DiCaprio, Hardy, and Maguire might star in this film as well as produce.  This film sounds the crazier of the two, and hope this comes to light.

In writing this article, I could only think of THIS.


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