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Will Smith (yes, the Fresh Prince) is looking to take get behind the camera and direct his first film.  He is eyeing a film about Cain and Abel which is a project at Sony and is being produced by Overbrook Entertainment according to Deadline.  Not much is known about the project, but I’m willing to bet that if all talks go smoothly, Smith will star as well as direct.

It seems there are a bunch of biblical films coming out in the near future.  If Smith doesn’t cast himself in the film (which I doubt), who would you want to play the two roles?  Your thoughts? Story developing…


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Movie Quotes

[after bad guys hit police ram with rocket]
Hans Gruber:
[in radio to bad guys] Hit it, again.
John McClane:
[in radio to Hans] Hans you motherfucker, you made your point! Let them pull back!
Hans Gruber:
[in radio to McClaine] Thank you, Mr. Cowboy I'll take that under advisement.
[to bad guys]
Hans Gruber:
*Hit it, again.*
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