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Radio Silence (the four guys who directed the amazing ‘V/H/S’) will be making another found footage film called ‘The Reawakening’.  This also be a horror film with Luke Dawson writing the screenplay.  Lionsgate wil be releasing the film and says that it’s equal parts ‘Flatliners’ and ‘Frankenstein’.  When you get a chance to see ‘V/H/S’, I highly suggest you do.  It’s also a found footage horror film.

This project is just one of many Frankenstein films coming out in the near future.  We have ‘I, Frankenstien’ by Stuart Bettie which is set present day and is said to mix Frankenstein with ‘Underworld’ where Frankenstein fights with gargoyles and demons.  Then there is ‘Neighborhood Watch’ over at the Fox company which involves Frankenstein.  And Universal is remaking the original Frankenstein story with Guillermo Del Toro as well as ‘Bride of Frankenstein’via Vulture.  That’s a shit load of Frankenstein, folks.  Maybe in the near future, we will get even more Universal monster remakes and parodies.


Keep your eyes peeled for a trailer and some good viral marketing with this one.  Your thoughts?

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2 Responses to ““It’s Alive!” There’s a New Frankenstein Film In The Works and This Time It Will Be a “Found Footage” Film!!!”

  1. Zamiel Says:

    And I bet not a single one of them will honor the book, and will instead take all their cues and ideas from the Universal movie version.

  2. Gumbercules9000 Says:

    I’m okay with that. The book was more about the Dr. rather than the monster. However, I would want a revamped version that doesn’t stray too far from the book either.

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