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The Vow:

Channing Tatum loves Rachel McAdams.  Rachel McAdams has brain injury and forgets who Channing Tatum is.  Channing Tatum wants Rachel McAdams to remember him and be in love with him again.  That’s the plot.First and foremost, I would normally not watch a movie like this unless a girl made me do it.  In this case, the girl that normally makes me watch movies like this didn’t even want to watch this movie.  My expectations were sufficiently low walking into “The Vow,” but what can I say?  I guess I’m a sucker, because I actually found some redeeming qualities to this cute dromantimedy ™.

So I guess that the guy that directed this movie saw “The Notebook”, and then saw “500 days of Summer”, and then thought, “hmmm, we need to make The Notebook with a hipster twist.”  That’s pretty much what this movie was, a bunch of artsy people clichés with Rachel McAdams having memory loss.  I can’t forgive it for being a pretty shallow film with ridiculously obvious love-conquers-all and art-is-better-than-corporate themes; but seriously, are there any movies in this genre that aren’t shallow and painfully obvious?

That stated, it was actually a surprisingly enjoyable movie, especially for a first time big screen director.  The script was filled with pretty hilarious one liners from the way too cool for school characters.  Evidently, the story is inspired by true events.  The screen translation was a bit too superficial for my taste, but as paper thin as the plot might be, the delivery was sweet enough to make even this cynical bastard smile.  I have no doubt that plenty of couples will be making out after watching this movie, and I know there were a number of teenage girls leaving the theater saying “omg that was sooooooo good!”

All in all, this was a good date movie.  It is not over the top melodramatic, it does make you laugh, the cast did a pretty good job, and it’s ultimately a pretty endearing flick.

So, go ahead, take away my man card and take a lady to watch “The Vow.”



The least believable part of the movie is Channing Tatum as a hipster.  No hipster looks that good.

‘The Vow’ Opens Tomorrow.

By Bryan Kluger

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  1. After reading this, a good friend told me”

    “WTF is wrong with Rachel McAdams? If I was in an accident and all of a sudden woke up and Channing Tatum is my husband, I’d be like…JACKPOT!”

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