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Sunday is just a couple of days away, and we here at Boomstick are getting ready for our 5th annual Live Oscar commentary.  It’s going ot be a lot of fun this year, since this will be the first year we will have a live video feed of the commentary.  Plus, we will have some guests chiming in throughout the country to give us their take.  It should be entertaining, hilarious, and a bit vulgar at times for this year’s 84th Oscars Awards show celebrating the films of the past year.  The telecast will be this coming up Sunday February 26th, 2012.

There will be live trivia for prizes, a chat box so you can chat up others while watching, and much more.  Also we have created a hashtag for our event.  #bsocars  So type that in when you comment, tweet, facebook, or any other social network so you can communicate with other easier.


We have a lot in store for this year and it promises to be the place to be while watching the Oscars.  You will laugh till you cry.  I will be posting my Oscar winner list hopefuls soon so stay tuned.

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Movie Quotes

Jack Sparrow:
[walking Scarlett and Giselle to the Black Pearl] Granted it tends to list to port and has been on occasion known to frighten young women. But I promise you, you will not be disappointed.
[seeing a dinghy instead of the Pearl] Is that it? The Black Pearl. Not very big.
Jack Sparrow:
Love, that is a dinghy. My vessel is magnificent and fierce and huge-ish. And gone. Why is it gone?
[sees a ship in distance] Is that it there?
Jack Sparrow:
Yes, there it is! Why is it there?... Its much larger up close.
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