Check Out the Trailer for ‘Hunger Games’!!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Feb 2nd, 2012

Hi Bryan Here….


Have you read ‘Hunger Games’?  Do you know what ‘Hunger Games’ is about?  If not you’re in for a real treat.  ‘Hunger Games’ is based on a trilogy of novels by Suzanne Collins.  It’s geared towards young adults.  The premise is a whole lot like ‘Battle Royale’ where a group of young kids or teenagers are picked in a lottery system to battle each other in a designated area until there is only one survivor.  One difference is that it takes place in a post apocalyptic future world.  It all seems too cartoonyAnd it seems that upon its release, it will have the IMAX treatment for one week.  I can see people enjoy this film, but I can guarantee it will hold not candle to Battle Royale.  Enjoy the trailer.






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