Da Vinci Lives It Up on Starz!!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Oct 31st, 2011

The eight-episode series Da Vinci’s Demons has been greenlighted for Starz to put on the screen. The series will follow a 25-year-old Leonardo Da Vinci as he loves, fights, invents, and dreams his way across Florence.

The Dark Knight/Man of Steel co-writer David Goyer has the pen in this project. He will also executive produce the project alongside Julie Gardner (Torchwood) and BBC Worldwide Productions head Jane Tranter.

Goyer is already going at it, according to sources. He will write Da Vinci as the genius he is, but also as a young man who sees the future he wants and seeks to create it, the confines of his time period be damned. Da Vinci’s intellect and talents were almost supernatural, as they shot past his time and are still revered today.

“If modern day has Tony Stark, the Renaissance had Da Vinci,” says Starz Media Managing Director Carmi Zlotnik. As Goyer’s interests generally lie in the realm of superheroes, this is a good match for him.

BBC will distribute. More as this develops.

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