It is 8 LPs of sheer 180g awesomeness, and if you don’t believe me, pick up a copy and see for yourself!

The Jimi Hendrix ‘Winterland’ box set hit the streets yesterday, and Amazon definitely has the best deal in town. Originally priced at $100 before its release you can now pick up this gem for about $60 if you act now!!! This price won’t last long!!! Dude, think about it…that’s like buying two records at an Indie store and getting the other six LPs for free. Hell yes. But wait, there’s more! By ordering from Amazon you will also receive an exclusive CD with additional unreleased material, which sounds incredible all on its own.

What is more criminal? This steal of the price or the fact these brilliantly sounding gems have been hidden away from the public all these years?!? It’s time your ears hear this material at a price that would even make your accountant happy. However, if vinyl isn’t your thing (and shame on you if it isn’t) the CD version is available at a great price, too.

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