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I have to tell you, it has been excellent watching these Tom & Jerry cartoons.   The 1st volume of the Fur Flying adventures was amazing and this 2nd volume is just a s good.  Let me assure you, Tom & Jerry still holds up and is the perfect cartoon for any age-range still today.

There is something about the chemistry between Tom & Jerry that I have always loved.  There is a certain charm and wit displayed on screen with those two characters as they chase one another and their plans get foiled.  I always found it interesting how much they say without even talking.  Their supporting characters always talk, but rarely, if at all, do Tom & Jerry speak.  I especially love when Tom & Jerry take a break from their usual cat-and-mouse-chase-routine and team up to tackle their conflicts together.  It always made me cheer for them together.

This particular DVD, “Tom and Jerry Volume 2: Fur Flying Adventures” has fourteen cartoons for your viewing pleasure.  I hope one day the Tom & Jerry vault will get the bluray Hi-Def treatment so I can watching in glorious high definition sound and picture, but this DVD looks pretty amazing for standard quality.

Official Synopsis:

One flustered feline + one resourceful rodent = 14 wild and wacky cartoons! Tom – the eternally crabby cat – and Jerry – the hopelessly adorable mouse – find themselves in a fracas once, twice and many times again in this latest bunch of 14 fast and funny cartoons! This time around the dizzy duo takes their tiffs to the beach (Surf-Bored Cat), to the Alps (The A-Tom-inable-Snowman) and to the orchestra (Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl). In Top with Pops Spike the dog pounces into the fray and Jerry learns a mouse’s best friend is a dog! Even vampire hunter Van Helsing gets in the middle of the cat/mouse combat in Monster Con. Your hunt stops here: this new collection of animated antics will delightfully drop you into the middle of non-stop family fun!

The episodes are:

– Tops With Pops

– Monster Con

– Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl

– Of Feline Bondage

– Saturday Evening Puss

– The A-Tom-inable Snowman

– Surf-Bored Cat

– Snowbody Loves Me

– Duel Personality

– Is There A Doctor In The Mouse?

– Haunted Mouse

– The Declaration of Independence

– Kitty Hawked

– Which Witch!

There were plenty of laugh out loud moments and a great musical score to compliment each episode.  I particularly love the episodes ‘Of Feline Bondage’, ‘Saturday Evening Puss’, and ‘Haunted Mouse’.

Sadly this is a bare-bones release, meaning there are no extras.  Maybe in the future there will be some behind the scenes featurettes with animators and the voice talent.  But this DVD is definitely worth picking up to relive  your childhood favorite cartoons that still make for an amazing viewing experience.  And for those of you who have kids, pick this DVD up and show them the awesomeness that is Tom & Jerry.  They will be hooked for life.

This DVD is currently on sale at the WB Shop for $9.95!!! Amazon has it currently for $11.99.  Take advantage.  This is an amazing DVD.

By Bryan Kluger

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