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Seth MacFarlane met with some ad buyers and execs today in New York about brining back ‘The Flintstones’  to television for a new generation.  Well of course the meeting went well and all the ducks are in a row and we will be getting a new ‘Flintstones’ series sometime in 2013.

Fox entertainment chief Kevin Reilly said that the series came together over the past coupe of weeks and that everyone want it to start production right away.  Even MacFarlane said, “One of the first things that I drew when I was 2 years old was Fred Flintstone…” and he went on to say about updating the show to a newer audience, “What’s the animal version of the iPod? That’s the kind of thing we have to think about.”  But he also said that the true form that is ‘The Flintstones’ will remain the same.

I do not know at this point if Seth MacFarlane will be voicing any of the characters or not, but I assume he will.  And I wonder f this new ‘Flintstones’ will have the same adult-ish humor that  MacFarlane’s ‘Family Guy’ and ‘The Cleveland Show’ have.  It will definitely be funny to see a random vulgar ‘Flintstones’ series.  Dan Palladino will be one of the shows producers.  Palladino was a producer on Gilmore Girls and is married to Gilmore Girls creator, Amy- Sherman Palladino.

Your thoughts?  A Peter Griffin/Fred Flintstone character.  Could be funny.

Via Hollywood Reporter.

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