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I’m literally laughing as I write this.  I love this HBO series.  Some of the funniest moments on television are conjured up in this show.  Well Larry David is back for the eighth season of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm‘.  The new season premiers July 10th on HBO and you can expect gut busting laughs and excellent cameos.

From the trailer I saw Michael J. Fox, Rich Sommer from ‘Mad Men’, and Paul F. Tompkins.  I did not see Cheryl in the preview though.  The final shot of the last season was when Cheryl and Larry got back together as they were sitting on the couch and Cheryl quickly realizes what an asshole Larry is and regrets her decision.  I have no idea if we will see Cheryl in this season or not.  But Jeff Garlin, Bob Einstein, and Susie Essman all return.

And it looks like Larry is in New York this season rather than Los Angeles.  I love the line by Marty Funkhauser’s character, “You’re a colossal ” while Jeff Garlin told Larry he was “a social assassin” which Larry liked.

I can’t wait.

Enjoy the trailer below.

By Bryan Kluger

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