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Kenneth Branagh wasn’t the only director on ‘Thor’.  It seems that Joss Whedon directed the “after credits” scene that Marvel Films has come so accustomed to since ‘Iron Man’.  Joss Whedon as you know will be directing the upcoming epic ‘Avengers’ film.

Actor Stellan Skargard who was in ‘Thor’ revealed at the recent Cannes Festival that Whedon did indeed direct that last scene.  “That was just a couple of months ago,” Skarsgard said of filming the extra scene. “I flew over there and went down into a basement, talked to Sam a couple of minutes and then went back home.”

“Was that with Ken Branagh?,” the interviewer asks.

“No that was with a director called Joss Whedon, who’s doing The Avengers,” Skarsgard answers.

Per HollywoodReporter.

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