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There have been rumors floating around for a while now that Batman will get a reboot/remake once this 3rd Batman film is finished and released.  Kinda like how there is going to be a new Spider-Man film reboot coming up.  Well the rumors are officially true.  There will be a Batman reboot.

Once the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy is done, there will be a Batman remake with a different director with some input from Nolan himself.  This will lead up to a Justice League film in a couple of years.

This was confirmed by the WB head honcho who  also said they were developing a Flash film and Wonder Woman movie.

This sounds a lot like what Marvel has been doing since Iron Man 1.  Having super-hero films with their origin stories that lead up to the big Avengers film where they all get together.

So we have Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Superman coming soon.  I wonder if there will be any other suerphero films to come out in the DC genre before a Justice League films comes to light.

But we know Nolan is definitely ending Batman on a final note.  No cliffhanger ending left open.  It will be the end.  WB really can;t do anything about it.  It really is the NOLAN show.  But I bet WB will keep close watch on how well the Spider-Man reboot does at the box office and take their cues.

Your thoughts?

By Bryan Kluger

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4 thoughts on “Batman Will Be Rebooted After The Third Batman Film!!!!”
  1. The Spider-man reboot is all about the financials. Sony’s contract on Spider-man is essentially a “use it or lose it” clause. If they didn’t make a movie within a specified time frame, the movie rights revert back to Marvel (which is now owned by Disney).

    Therefore, if Sony wanted to keep the rights, they had to make a movie. Since Spider-man 3 (the Spider-man musical prequel) was a big “fail”, they decided that a reboot was the best shot of putting a$$es in seats.

  2. And Spider-Man is a huge cash cow for Sony. But really the can reboot anything, Lord of the rings, Bourne Identity, or Batman. Which this string of Batman films are reboots themselves. But to reboot a film franchise a year or two after the previous film is ridiculous. It will make or break it. They did it with Let the Right One In, but it did not make a lot of money. But it seems that maybe, just maybe they will be trying to make it less about the story and art of cinema and rather making it appear towards a younger crowd with tons of product placement for Twilight fans. So far Marvel has done an exceptional job since Iron Man 1.

  3. Why don’t they make a movie of Winter Steele or The Maxx? Talk about cash cows. Wait, they ruined Aeon Flux… RUINED it.

  4. Ha. Yes they ruined Aeon Flux. It had a few things going for it, but it ultimately a failure. Ha The Maxx. I actually think at some point they were going to make that. I’ll have to research that. They should do a Turok film.

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