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If you’re reading this blog then most likely you’ll know him as Nite Owl from Zack Snyder’s film adaptation of the Watchmen graphic novel.  Patrick Wilson (Little Children, Morning Glory) has agreed to, what could be, a regular television gig.

Deadline reports Wilson has signed on to a medical pilot for CBS.  Outside of working shortly on the HBO mini-series “Angels in America”, this will be his first attempt at working towards a continuous stint on the good ole every-night tube. In the proposed series, he’ll portray a doctor who’s wife dies but continues to aid him in life from “the other side”.

As with any show and television pilot, there is no guarantee of success.  Beyond even that, few have made the transition from television to the golden screen, but some have gone from the big to small and back to the big screen.  We can all remember George Clooney’s Oscar winning performance in Return of the Killer Tomatoes then lowering his standards to sport a set of scrubs on ER only to return to the cinema for many films to follow, some of which were popcorn-mainstream chickflicks like Syriana and Good Night, and Good Luck. <Insert sarcasm>

Granted all goes well, can or will Wilson recover from the land of episode orders and return to the epic Friday openings of Hollywood?  …some “hard candy” to chew on.  Zing!

– Joel Hawkins is a well-seasoned cricket-whisperer and refugee of Delta City.

(If your mind is a little vague when it comes to Wilson, check out a couple of other films he’s been in like Running with Scissors, Hard Candy, and Barry Munday.)


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