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Christopher Nolan is in current discussions with his Inception actor, Joseph Gordon Levitt to join the cast for the third Batman film called The Dark Knight Rises.  Word on what role he might play is not yet determined.

Levitt is currently working on a film called “Looper” which is being directed by Rian Johnson.  Rian worked with Levitt on the amazing film, “Brick”.  Looper also stars Bruce Willis.

Much speculation has come about in the third Batman installment on who will be in it and what villains will show their faces.  We know now that Anne Hathaway will be Catwoman and Tom Hardy (Inception) will play Bane.  It would be odd to have a third villain in the film.

But I could see Joseph playing The Riddler or maybe even Nightwing.  Looking forward to finding out.

What do yall think?

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