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I must say that I was a bit anxious to see Gaspar Noe’s new film, “Enter The Void”.  I previously enjoyed his past work (Irreversible and I Stand Alone), even though his work is not widely known or even praised.  What Gaspar does, is show you the raw underbelly of the world with no escape.  I even tend to wonder if he wants his audience to get up and leave in disgust or shut their eyes through most of his films.  With all that said, he still knows how to make a beautiful film and spark debate and interest in the subjects he tackles.  After viewing this film, I can say I enjoyed it.  Now that’s not to say you will.  This film (just like the rest of Noe’s films) most people won’t like.  But for those true and pure cinema lovers, this will rock your boat.

Let us start with the opening title sequence.  Or the opening credits as you might like to call it.  This is simply the BEST opening title sequence I have ever seen in cinema.  Yes it is even better than the opening title sequence of Zombieland.  The opening titles really give you a sneak as to what’s to come.  Most people will want to get up right away, but if you can last through it, you will be amazed.  I even believe Tarantino said this was one of his favorites if not his favorite opening title sequence.  Check the opening title sequence below.

I mean there really is no word to describe this film.  It’s haunting, eerie, trippy, and feels totally different than any other Gaspar Noe work he has done.  But it still features the sad, lonely, depraved characters that venture into the seedy underworld of mega cities that he tends to use in his films.  Now the entire film, (all 150 minutes of it) is shot in P.O.V. mode.  P.O.V. = Point of View.  The point of view is of a young man named Oscar who is living in Tokyo with his sister Linda who is a stripper.  And the point of view very much puts you as the audience in the middle of everything going on.  You rarely ever see Oscar’s face unless he looks in the mirror and you see hands come from the sides of the camera when the character reaches for an object or person.  The really cool use of the P.O.V. shot comes when Oscar is shot and killed by the police within the first ten minutes of the film.  From this point on, we see the actions and the city from the P.O.V. of a dead floating Oscar as he goes floating high in the sky over the city in search of his stripper sister, whom he has sworn to look after and protect.

The movie goes into different territory where Oscar just doesn’t see what his sister is up to after his death, but when he sees their whole relationship play out from their childhood, from the tragic hardcore car crash that killed their parents while they were both in the backseat and witnessed their death to the trials and tribulations of their own relationship.  Oscar also sees important events in his life including the series of events that led to his violent death.  Throughout the whole film, we do not hear one single word or comment from Oscar once he is killed, but we know exactly what he feels and who he loves, and who he hates.

When we are traveling with Oscar over the city, it sort of feels like the space trip sequence from 2001: A Space Odyssey.  It is completely hypnotic and it begins to feel that you are on this drug induced journey with Oscar.  But once you think that your hypnotic journey is putting you to sleep, then BANG!!!, Gaspar Noe reminds you of the violent world you are in with some truly deplorable acts of violence, death, and sex.

This film is not for most people.  Hell, I can probably count on one hand how many people I have introduced to Gaspar’s previous films.  But if you are a true cinephile, then I bet you will quite enjoy this movie.  It will kick you in the gut, and then lift you high on a drug induced acid trip, and then throw you back fast to the ground.  I love the entire premise of the film, in that a dead sibling journeys through a giant city to protect and watch over his fucked up sister.  It takes you to some truly magnificent places.  Add to that the violence, sex, underbelly of the world, and you got yourself one psychotic , but beautiful experience.  Drugs voluntary.

Purchase the film below.

By Bryan Kluger

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