Geek Deal of the Day Goes to The Underworld!!!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Jan 24th, 2011

Hi Bryan Here…

The Geek deal of the day today is going to last all week.  The Underworld Trilogy is on sale on bluray for only $26.99.  That is 55% off normal price.

You will get all three films plus tons of extras which include:

Director & Cast Commentary
Fang vs. Fiction
The Making of Underworld
The Visual Effects of Underworld
Creature Effects
Designing Underworld
The Look of Underworld
Sights and Sounds of Underworld
Storyboard Comparison
Music Video by Finch – “Worms of the Earth”

Underworld Evolution
Director’s Commentary
Music Video: “Her Portrait in Black” by Atreyu
Original Featurette: Bloodlines: From Script To Screen
Original Featurette: Building a Saga
Original Featurette: Making Monsters Roar
Original Featurette: Music and Mayhem
Original Featurette: The Hybrid Theory
Original Featurette: The War Rages On
Director and Filmmakers’ Commentary
Bloodlines: From Script to Screen
The Hybrid Theory
Making Monsters Roar
The War Rages On
Building a Saga
Music and Mayhem
Music Video: “Her Portrait In Black” by Atreyu

Underworld Rise of the Lycans
Filmmaker Commentary
Behind the Castle Walls: Picture-in-Picture
Lycanthropes Around the World Interactive Map
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans: From Script to Screen
The Origin of the Feud
Music Video: “Deathclub” By William Control
PS3 Wallpaper

Take advantage by clicking the picture/link below.


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Anne Hamilton:
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Why, I'd be happy to pack your things, Miss Allie.
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Anne Hamilton:
Yes, you are.
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