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I have some news for you from the Sundance Film Festival.  Kevin Smith (Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Jersey Girl, Smodcast) has been hard at work making a new film.  He has tackled the horror genre this time.  You might have read about his movie, “Red State” on this site before.  Well in short, at the debut last night, where scalped tickets were going for hundreds of dollars and had a mile long line, and protestors were picketing his film, Kevin Smith debuted his new film.  Then there was a Q & A after the screening.

Now just a mere few hours before at Kevin’s TWITTER PAGE, he mentioned that there would be an auction for the film rights to Red State.  Well when it got to that moment, he himself bid $20.00 on his own movie and the producer sold it to him.  Thats right.  Self distribution.

Kevin went on to tell the audience that he will travel around the country with his movie in person and do  Q & A’s after the film.  That is how you will get to see the film.  Cost to see the film will be between $50.00 – $100.00 reportedly per person.

Then Kevin went on to say he was going to retire from filmmaking after his next film which was mentioned at the end credits of “Red State”, stating that the characters will return in “Hit Somebody”.

This angered some people and made people happy.  All mixed reviews.  Most of the people are saying it is a good movie, but it definitely has its flaws.  Also they are saying that this is Kevin’s best since Chasing Amy.

I am all for self distribution, and think this is an exciting way to get a movie released, but a strange one as well.  I know Kevin has a MASSIVE fan base and I’m sure that he will sell out theaters, but for how long.  Are people willing to pay that high price for a film and Q & A??

Time will tell.  His Red State tour will being very soon which you can see where he will be headed below.

Here is the full list of dates and locations:

March 5th – Radio City Music Hall
March 6th – Wilbur Theater in Boston
March 8th – Harris Theater in Chicago
March 9th – State Theater in Minneapolis
March 10th – Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor
March 11th – Indianapolis, IN
March 12th – Midland Theater, Kansas City
March 14th – Springfield, OH
March 22nd – Paramount Theater, Denver
March 26th – McCalister theater, New Orleans
March 28th – Paramount Theater, Austin
March 29th – Cobb Energy Center, Atlanta
April 4th – McCaw Hall in Seattle

*** UPDATE****

Click HERE to purchase tickets for one for the shows!!

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2 thoughts on “Kevin Smith Debuts His New Horror Film, “Red State”, Buys His Own Film for $20 for Self-Distribution and Announces His Retirement!!!”
  1. I am in! Saw Kevin Smith Q&A once back in 2000, and it was a great time. This should be a great deal of fun, and a unique experience!

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