Geek Deal of the Day Part 2: Batman Arkham Asylum

by Gumbercules9000 on Dec 8th, 2010

Hi Bryan Here…

Here is a 2nd Geek Deal of the Day.  This one is in the form of a video game.  The amazing Batman: Arkham Asylum game.

This game came out a year or two ago and is by far the best Batman game EVER MADE.  It is creepy, fun, thrilling, and packed with tons of cool game play.

This game debuted at around $60.00 and you can get it for xbox 360 or the ps3 today for only $14.99.  That is a hell of  a deal.  Also keep in mind, that they are making a sequel tot his game.  This game is amazing.

Check out the trailer.

PS3 Version

XBOX 360 Version

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