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Some cool news on this Friday morning for you.  This almost sounds fake, but this is almost sort of a chance finding of strange events.  But 17 minutes of footage was found in a salt mine vault in Kansas of Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi masterpiece, “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

Now that is some cool news right?

Now before we all go insane with happiness and start tripping acid in a theater to watch an extended cut of one of the best sci-fi films of all time, let me state a few things.

A) This finding by no means that the public will ever see this extra footage on a future release.

B) Kubrick stated that he himself cut this footage because he felt this footage added pacing problems to the film.

C)  Most importantly, we have grown up and fallen in love with this movie as it is and consider it PERFECTION.  Maybe by adding to it, might make it NOT PERFECTION.  Just look at Star Wars.

Now Douglas Trumbull and David Larson who were working on the now canceled “2001” documentary said the  footage that was found was in perfect condition, though they did not know the plans for the found footage.

According to the website IMDB, the following are what might be the lost footage.

  • Some shots from the “Dawn of Man” sequence and a new scene was inserted where an ape pauses with the bone it is about to use as a tool. The new scene was a low-angle shot of the monolith, done in order to portray and clarify the connection between the man-ape using the tool and the monolith.
  • Some shots of Frank Poole jogging in the centrifuge.
  • An entire sequence of several shots in which Dave Bowman searches for the replacement antenna part in storage.
  • A scene where HAL severs radio communication between the “Discovery” and Poole’s pod before killing him. This scene explains a line that stayed in the film in which Bowman addresses HAL on the subject.
  • Some shots of Poole’s space walk before he is killed.
  • Say what you will, but new Kubrick is new Kubrick.  And that is news worthy.

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