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Jerome Bixby’sThe Man From Earth‘ celebrates its 10th anniversary with a brand new Blu-ray + DVD set exclusively from MVD Entertainment Group. The Special Edition Blu-ray + DVD Collector’s Set of the cult classic science fiction drama available on November 21st originally debuting in November 2007, this new anniversary release hits retailers exactly ten years later.

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I never thought I’d write this sentence, but Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently in talks to star in the reboot of Troma’sToxic Avenger’ film. This project will be introduced to potential buys at Cannes this year of all places. I didn’t think Cannes would take any Troma film. But it looks like this re-imaging of ‘Toxic Avenger‘ will be a big budget project. Steve Pink is taking the reins of the film. Pink directed ‘Hot Tub Time Machine‘ and will direct the sequel. This is odd, but amazing news.

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Movie Quotes

Reuben Tishkoff:
If you're gonna steal from Terry Benedict, you'd better goddamn KNOW. This sorta thing used to be civilized, you'd hit a guy, he'd whack you, done. But with Benedict... at the end of this, he'd BETTER not know you're involved, not know your names or think you're dead because he'll kill ya, and then he'll go to work on ya.
Danny Ocean:
That's why we're going to be very careful. Very precise
Rusty Ryan:
Yeah, well-funded.
Reuben Tishkoff:
Yeah. Ya gotta be NUTS, too. And you're gonna need a crew as NUTS as you are!
Reuben Tishkoff:
So who've you got in mind?
Ocean's Eleven (2001) The Movie Quotes