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We have the first trailer for the highly anticipated ‘Civil War‘ film from Marvel, which will basically be the third ‘Captain America‘ film. This Civil War story line was one of the finest story arcs in Marvel from the past fifteen years and ran in the 2006-2007 time period. It basically splits up the Marvel heroes as some pick sides to side with the government, unmask themselves, and report to a variety of government officials.


On the other side, the Marvel heroes want to remain on their own and report to nobody, with the exception of maybe Nick Fury. Captain America leads one side, while Iron Man leads the other. This film will also introduce Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) and a new Spider-Man in the Marvel universe, played by Tom Holland. I can’t wait for this one, as it sets the Avengers and all of the Marvel heroes on the path of destruction before we get to Thanos.

Enjoy the trailer.

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Det. Del Spooner:
Why do you think Lanning's hologram would've called me?
Lawrence Robertson:
Well, holograms are just simple programs designed to give the impression of intelligence. Apparently this one was programmed to call you upon his suicide.
Det. Del Spooner:
Lawrence Robertson:
I'm sorry?
Det. Del Spooner:
The hologram. It was programmed to call me in the event of Dr. Lanning's death.
Lawrence Robertson:
Yeah, suicide is a type of death, detective.
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