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The complete series of the Showtime series ‘The Tudors’ is currently on sale until midnight for 50% off.  That brings the whole series down under $65.00.  You will get a fifteen disc set that has every episode and loads of extras.  This is for the DVD version only.

EXTRAS include:

Hirst’s Castle
Reviving History
Royal Manners
Poetic License
Henry’s Wives Club
History of the Tudor Rose
Medieval Arms
Tracking the Tudor Dynasty
Wheel of Misfortune
Deleted Scenes
Tudors 500th Anniversary: Hampton Court
Tudors 500th Anniversary: Tower of London
Tudors 500th Anniversary: British Library

Stock up for the holidays, birthdays, or for yourself.  Remember the sale ends at midnight.

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[going off to war]
Samuel Ludlow:
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Col. William Ludlow:
Bring yourself back. That'd please me more.
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