DEAD TO ME SEASON 2 – Netflix Review!

by Gumbercules9000 on May 4th, 2020

“Dead To Me Season 2 is a tight and entertaining season that promises even more drama and thrills in the future.”

At the turn of the century, a little tv show called Desperate Housewives changed the television landscape forever as it followed several gorgeous, successful, witty women who were involved in criminal activities. That show became a cultural phenomenon that spawned tons of primetime shows after it including Big Little Lies on HBO. Netflix struck gold with its own brand in that female-led comedy-drama in Dead to Me, starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini as two new friends who get caught in a very sticky situation.

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Enjoy the Trailer For ‘Daddy’s Home 2’!!!

by Red Zeppelbon on Jun 15th, 2017

Hey guys, Jana here,


How do you make ‘Daddy’s Home‘ even better? Add more dads! That’s basically what ‘Daddy’s Home 2‘ is all about. Now that Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) and Brad (Will Ferrell) are getting along, their dads make an appearance, and in the form of Mel Gibson and John Lithgow, no less.

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Hey guys, Jana here,


If you’re a child of the 70’s you remember one particular theme song with accurate clarity, ‘Scooby Doo‘, just saying that was probably enough to introduce the earworm that won’t be leaving you anytime soon, you’re welcome. Every creation has it’s own “circle of life” if you will. What’s old then, gets re-packaged and becomes new again. Bell Bottoms were hideous in the 90’s but no one will look at you twice for wearing them today, at least no one looks at me like I’ve just stepped out of a DeLorean when I wear them. Such is the case with Scoob and the gang.

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Release Dates For Netflix Series Released!!!

by Red Zeppelbon on Dec 1st, 2014

Hey guys, Jana here,




The holidays are one of the biggest catch-22’s in existence, you want to spend time with family, but the second you’re with them, you’re ready to get out of there. Netflix to the rescue! The streaming service is beefing up their original series offerings just in time for the holiday home-stretch. What better way to deal with an over-abundance of family, and the crazy that comes with that, than to flip on the TV and escape into the lives of those that have way more problems than you do?

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Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman Coming to Screen

by Gumbercules9000 on Sep 17th, 2010

Finally an All-Star comic Title is getting its much deserved attention to video.  All-Star Superman will be one of those PG-13 straight to video animated releases.  If you have seen some previous ones then you know how BADASS as they are.  So much time and love go into making these animated movies.

In my opinion, Morrison’s All-Star Superman tale is one of the best Man of Steel stories I have ever read.  It is up there with Alan Moore’s Superman story “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow”.

The book is basically about how Superman copes when he realizes an overdose of radiation will soon kill him.

And Oh My…do they have a stellar cast of voices lending their talent.

James Denton (“Desperate Housewives”) plays Superman, Christina Hendricks (“Mad Men”) plays Lois, Ed Asner (“Lou Grant”) plays Perry and Anthony LaPaglia (“Empire Records”) plays Luthor.

Linda Cardellini (“Freaks and Geeks”) and Arnold Vosloo (“The Mummy”) are also in the voice cast.

Dwayne McDuffie, who did a spectacular job scripting “Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths,” is penning the script for this one also.

Going to be AWESOME!  Now we just need a rated “R” All- Star Batman and Robin.

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“Super” Footage from James Gunn

by Gumbercules9000 on Sep 12th, 2010

James Gunn has been hard at work for quite some time on his new film entitles “SUPER”.  It is in the vein of the year’s movie “Kick-Ass”.  The film has a stellar cast including: Rainn Wilson (The Office) and Ellen Page (Juno) as the main characters with Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon, Michael “The Rook” Rooker, Nathan Fillon (Firefly) and Linda Cardellini (Freaks and Geeks).

IMDB’s plot synopsis for this movie reads “After his wife falls under the influence of a drug dealer, an everyday guy transforms himself into Crimson Bolt, a superhero with the best intentions, though he lacks for heroic skills.”

Now James Gunn is no stranger to the super hero genre.  He made a little film several years back which I think is one of the funniest movies out there.  It is called “The Specials” and is about the 6th or 7th best super hero team in the world.  It has an all-star cast as well with Thomas Hayden Church (Sideways & Spider-man 3) and Rob Lowe to name a few.  Gunn went on to write the revamp of Dawn of the Dead and make the ever so popular movie “Slither”.

Super looks to be an amazing film and the reviews from the early screenings are stellar.  I am looking forward to this movie.  Check out the clip of Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page below.

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The Curse of La Llorona – Film Review!

by Gumbercules9000 on Apr 17th, 2019

“In the end, The Curse of La Llorona feels forgettable.”


The Curse of La Llorona is the latest installment in ‘The Conjuring-Verse‘ which (unfortunately) now means a mediocre jump scare movie that is executive produced by James Wan and shoehorns in references to the Warren family and Annabelle. That isn’t to say the movie is a complete failure by any means. It will certainly delight those who crave jump scares and loud noises to shake them from their seats. Seriously, there are so many jump scares that after about 40 minutes, they stopped affecting me as I became accustomed to them. In the end, the movie is much closer to last fall’s ‘The Nun‘ than any of ‘The Conjuring‘ films, which means it feels forgettable.


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