Here is the super spectacular 37th (in a row) episode of our horror podcast under the MULTI-MEDIA MEN banner called ‘My Bloody Podcast‘, where the show is related to all things HORROR! Here on this new show, Preston Barta from Fresh Fiction and the Denton Record-Chronicle and I talk about everything we love about horror movies, tv shows, and horror themed music. 

In our thirty-seventh episode, we have two amazing special guests – Spencer Hickman (Death Waltz) and Mo Shafeek from MondoTees.com.  We talk about Mondo’s latest album release – ‘They Live’, which you can get here in time for Valentine’s Day. Discussions include how the entire process of making the album came about and more. There was a great BLOODY QUESTION that was asked: If you could drop one of your favorite horror characters into another horror property to see how they’d stack against that film’s situation, which character and what film would you pick and why?” We also read our Reddit answers on the subject, which are quite comical.

 We also give you “Bloody Recommendations” of four horror films and soundtracks that range from ‘Nightmares Come At Night‘ to the ‘Critters’ Soundtrack. Our big topic is, of course, is ‘THEY LIVE‘, where we discuss the film, its production history, the actors, and more. It was so much fun. This episode is guaranteed to thrill you, chill you, and fulfill you. Thank you to Spencer Hickman and Mo Shafeek again for having a good time with us on the show.

And don’t forget to visit iTunes and Stitcher to subscribe to our podcast. Enjoy the show and see you next week! Thank you for listening.

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Alex 'Hitch' Hitchens:
Basic Principles - no woman wakes up saying "God, I hope I don't get swept off my feet today!" Now, she might say "This is a really bad time for me," or something like "I just need some space," or my personal favorite "I'm really into my career right now." You believe that? Neither does she. You know why? 'Cause she's lying to you, that's why. You understand me? Lying! It's not a bad time for her. She doesn't need any space. And she may be into her career, but what she's really saying is "Uh, get away from me now," or possibly "Try harder, stupid," but which one is it? 60% of all human communication is nonverbal, body language; 30% is your tone, so that means 90% of what you're saying ain't coming out of your mouth. Of course she's going to lie to you! She's a nice person! She doesn't want to hurt your feelings! What else she going to say? She doesn't even know you... yet. Luckily, the fact is that just like the rest of us, even a beautiful woman doesn't know what she wants until she sees it, and that's where I come in. My job is to open her eyes. Basic Principles - no matter what, no matter when, no matter who... any man has a chance to sweep any woman off her feet; he just needs the right broom.
Hitch (2005) The Movie Quotes