Black Panther is debuting very soon and in 3 short months, we will witness Infinity War on the big screen, which is the culmination of all 18 Marvel movies that came before it. I love the Marvel movies, at a minimum they get how to entertain and present their characters in the most appealing way possible. I’m sure that Black Panther will have an incredible moment or two and without a doubt the spectacle that Infinity War HAS to be will present us with some memorable scenes. Until then I figured I would share my 10 Favorite Moments from the MCU so far.

10. Dormammu’s Time Loop (Doctor Strange)

Dr. Strange is not one of the most memorable entries in the MCU but the final battle allowed Dr. Strange to use his wits and power to defeat an enemy in a brilliant way that didn’t fall into the formulaic CGI punch fest almost all superhero movies sink to.

9. We Are Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Just remember that a talking CGI tree voiced by Vin Diesel *still* has one of the most emotional and honest moments in this entire film series.

8. The Winter Soldier v Cap on the streets of DC. (The Winter Soldier)

The Winter Soldier is my personal favorite MCU movie and the fight scenes are so intense and personal. The brutality of the fighting style displayed in the entire movie was on a whole other level in this scene. It also “ends” with the Bucky reveal which is still a great moment.

7. Hawkeye’s Pep Talk to Scarlett Witch (Age of Ultron)

Age of Ultron is probably the most flawed entry in the MCU but it has a few great moments. None better than this direct critique of the superhero genre as a whole. “The city is flying. We’re fighting an army of robots…and I have a bow and arrow. None of this makes any sense.” Just a flex from Marvel and Whedon on haters and a nod to fans. These movies are supposed to be enjoyable. Go with it.

6. The Vision Lifting Thor’s Hammer (Age of Ultron)

No sense in spending more time introducing Vision. Just show he is a good but having him lift the hammer. The reactions were priceless and ultimately it was a fitting shortcut/cheat to get us up to speed with Vision’s intentions.

5. Spider-Man’s Intro (Civil War)

If you don’t get excited when Spider Man takes Cap’s shield and the way he fights in Civil War then you are a monster.

4. Black Panther Fighting Bucky (Civil War)

The introduction of T’Challa to the MCU was great. However, his attack on Bucky and fight scene is such a fitting crash course in how bad ass this guy is. He is impossibly fast, lands on his feet silently like a cat, is so strong, and can take some bullets from a helicopter.

3. The Elevator Fight (The Winter Soldier)

Find me a better close quarter PG-13 combat scene. It doesn’t exist.

2. The Airport Battle (Civil War)

Everyone (most everyone) together fighting in the airport battle was a comic fan’s wet dream.

1. I’m Always Angry (The Avengers)

Still the loudest reaction in any MCU movie that I have seen. When Bruce Banner tells Cap “That’s my secret, Cap. I’m always angry.” Then transforms to punch the giant flying monster? Cheers, chills, pop champagne all of it. I still get excited for this scene anytime I catch the Avengers on tv.

Written By: Dan Moran

By Bryan Kluger

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