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The Incredibles‘ are making a comeback and Disney released character portraits in the most trendy, pop culture-ish way possible, as selfies matched with their artistic counter-part. Google’s Arts and Culture app has been the new driving force powering social media and everyone is doing it. I even tried to get a match on my dog, Duke, aka John Wayne, but there’s not recognition for pets, yet. Along with the images of the voice actors, we see stylized artwork of their on-screen persona, and it’s awesome to see anything coming from Disney Pixar about the upcoming sequel. But that’s not all they’ve given us. We get four new images, but we also get some plot details!

The first Incredibles film saw Mr. Incredible (Craig T. NelsonCoach‘) and Elastigirl (Holly HunterBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘), struggling to stay out of the public radar once their powers have been outlawed. Bob and Helen Parr, along with their kids are in the same world that put a damper on super-activity, but that world will not be the same. Their children Violet (Sarah Vowell), Dashiell (Huckleberry “Huck” Milner), and Jack-Jack are going through all the same issues teens and pre-teens deal with every day, but they’ve got these emerging powers they’ve got to learn to control at the same time. As if puberty doesn’t suck hard enough, let’s give you something more to deal with that you can’t just carry a book to cover.

Helen is heading up a movement to put supers back in the spotlight, while she’s crusading, Bob is home on kid-duty. Top all this off with a brand new villain and we’ve got a new flick that is worthy of following the original. 

We’re going to see the same crew that surrounds the Parr’s, Bob’s best friend Lucius aka Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson ‘Pulp Fiction‘) and the ever-glamorous fashion designer Edna Mode (Brad Bird ‘The Iron Giant‘). Bird is pulling double-duty here as writer, director, and voice actor, ok so triple duty. We know that we will see Rick Dicker, the head of the Superhero Relocation Program now voiced by Jonathan Banks (‘Breaking Bad‘). We’re also told that Bob Odenkirk (‘Better Call Saul‘), Catherine Keener (‘Get Out‘), Sophia Bush (‘Chicago P.D.‘) , and Isabella Rossellini (‘Alias‘) have parts in the sequel. I’m hoping to get a trailer soon, but we’ve only got 5 months left before the film takes over screens everywhere June 15.

By Bryan Kluger

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