Written By: Bryan Kluger

Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day Lewis are back at it again with a new film called ‘Phantom Thread‘, which is set to release on Christmas later this year. I’m quite sure the film, along with both Lewis and Anderson will be nominated for all the Oscars. Of course, Anderson brought us ‘Boogie Nights‘ all those years ago and has continued to bring us amazing films over the years. He even teamed with Daniel Day Lewis with ‘There Will Be Blood‘, which is still talked about today, milkshakes and all.

With ‘Phantom Thread‘, Lewis plays a guy named Reynolds Woodcock, who works with his his sister in the world of fashion in 1950’s London, as the dress royalty, celebrities, and more. Throughout Woodcock’s life, he has never settled down with a woman, that is until Alma (Vicky Krieps) comes into his life. While Woodcock’s world has been scheduled and uniformed, this new love turns it all upside down. This is Anderson’s 8th film in his wheelhouse, which he hasn’t made a movie since 2014’s ‘Inherent Vice‘, which wasn’t well-received or really remembered, other than Josh Brolin sucking on a frozen banana. Damn, I love that scene.

Only a few months ago, Daniel Day Lewis announced he will be retiring from acting, which makes this his last film if he sticks to his words. In my opinion, I want to see Lewis go out with a Tarantino film or something with Seth Rogen. Still, if this is the way Lewis’ career ends, it looks to be full of love and class. Going by the trailer, this looks great. Better than ‘Inherent Vice‘ and not as dark as some of his previous films. I wonder if Lewis went full method on set here too, like he’s known to be in his career. Hopefully there will be outtakes on the Blu-ray where he just pulls Bill The Butcher on set.

Enjoy the trailer.

By Bryan Kluger

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