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“I’m on a pilgrimage to see a moose!” Well, not so much here, but there’s a new movie coming out on August 11th called Pilgrimage that looks hardcore. From what I can tell from the bloody violent trailer, it looks like a cross between Braveheart, a supernatural horror film, and Scorsese’s recent Silence film, but you know, with more decapitations and blood. Jon Bernthal (Walking Dead) and Tom Holland (Spider-Man: Homecoming), along with Richard Armitage (The Hobbit) star in the film, and takes place in Ireland in the year 1209 where a group of monks being a pilgrimage to escort an ancient relic. Things get out of hand, human heads end up on giant sticks, sword fights ensue, and blood is shed. This seems right up my alley.

Enjoy the trailer!



DIRECTED BY: Brendan Muldowney

WRITTEN BY: Jamie Hannigan

CAST: Tom Holland, Jon Bernthal, Richard Armitage

SYNOPSIS:  Ireland, 1209. A small group of monks begin a reluctant pilgrimage across an island torn between centuries of tribal warfare and the growing power of Norman invaders.  As they escort their monastery’s holiest relic to Rome, the true value of the bejeweled relic becomes dangerously apparent and their path becomes increasingly fraught with danger.

By Bryan Kluger

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