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WITNESS ME!!! Varèse Sarabande Records is Re-Releasing the original trilogy of the ‘Mad Max‘ films on vinyl in a 3-LP set. These albums came out in their respective years upon release, but are now fairly difficult to find and can be expensive. For those of you who love the original ‘Mad Max‘ soundtracks, this set will sure make it a lovely day for you. Below is all the information about the releases. Plus, you’ll get some Tina Turner greatness here. Note: There are only 2,000 copies that will be available, so act fast.

Varèse Sarabande Records is proud to announce a special three-LP set containing the soundtracks of the original MAD MAX film trilogy.  For the first time ever, the soundtracks for MAD MAX, THE ROAD WARRIOR, and MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME have been combined into one spectacular package, designed by Marvel comic artist, Tim Bradstreet, (THE PUNISHER, BLADE). The outside three panels consist of all new original artwork, while the inner panels display minis of the original jackets and the track-listing.  Each album will be pressed on a different color 180-gram vinyl.


No more than 2000 units will be pressed and the trilogy will not be duplicated in another package.  MAD MAX (gray vinyl) and THE ROAD WARRIOR (sand colored vinyl) feature original music by Australian composer Brian May.  MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME (black vinyl) features original score by composer Maurice Jarre and the Billboard Top 5 hit single “We Don’t Need Another Hero,” performed by Tina Turner.


Beginning today the set will be available for pre-order at your favorite record store or at Amazon.  The MAD MAX Trilogy 3-LP Limited Edition Collection will be available in stores on April 14, 2017.


MAD MAX – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Music Composed And Conducted By Brian May

Originally released in 1981

SIDE ONE 16:20

1. Main Title (2:07)

2. Max The Hunter (2:11)

3. Max Decides On Vengeance (2:42)

4. The Final Chase (1:49)

5. The Terrible Death Of Jim Goose (1:04)

6. We’ll Give ’Em Back Their Heroes (1:15)

7. Pain And Triumph (2:18)

8. Dazed Goose (:44)

9. Foreboding In The Vast Landscape (2:10)


SIDE TWO 21:43

1. Declaration Of War (1:32)

2. Flight From The Evil Toecutter (2:26)

3. Pursuit And Tragedy (1:54)

4. Jesse Alone, Uneasy And Exhausted (1:43)

5. The Beach House (1:55)

6. The Nightriders Rave (1:21)

7. Jesse Searches For Her Child (:55)

8. Rampage Of The Toecutter (1:49)

9. The Crazing Of Johnny The Boy (2:08)

10. Outtakes Suite* (6:00) [in 5 parts]


THE ROAD WARRIOR (MAD MAX 2) – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Music Composed And Conducted By Brian May

Originally released in 1982

SIDE ONE 18:42

1. Montage / Main Title (4:53)

2. Confrontation (2:32)

3. Marauder’s Massacre (3:13)

4. Max Enters Compound (4:08)

5. Gyro Saves Max (3:56)


SIDE TWO 16:30

1. Break Out (3:26)

2. Finale And Largo (5:07)

3. End Title (3:20)

4. SFX Suite (4:37)

(a) Boomerang Attack

(b) Gyro Flight / The Big Rig Starts

(c) Break Out / The Refinery Explodes / Reprise


MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Originally released in 1985

SIDE ONE 18:34

1. We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome) • Tina Turner

(Terry Britten, Graham Lyle) (6:07)

2. One Of The Living • Tina Turner

(Holly Knight) (5:58)

3. We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome) — Instrumental

(Terry Britten, Graham Lyle) (6:29)


SIDE TWO 25:49

1. Bartertown

(Maurice Jarre) (8:28)

2. The Children

(Maurice Jarre) (2:11)

3. Coming Home

(Maurice Jarre) (15:10)


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