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Warner Bros. and DC have been tossing the turd that was ‘Green Lantern‘ around since 2011, wondering how and where do they go from here? Well, David Goyer may turn out to have the saving solution, write a new script and move forward.

Justin Rhodes will co-write ‘Green Lantern Corps‘ with Goyer. Goyer is the talent that was behind the Christian BaleBatman‘ films, the ‘Blade‘ movies and ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘. The project will run in the vein of an origin story, two characters will hold the lead, Hal Jordan and John Stewart. Hal Jordan is the character Ryan Reynolds played in the first Lantern film. Stewart’s character begins as a sniper for the military then joins the Lantern Corps. The pic will follow the relationship between the two as a sort of “Lethal Weapon‘ in space”.

The plan is to get the script hammered out and shop for directors immediately after. I don’t see any reason why Reynolds would want to revisit this world when he’s got ‘Deadpool‘ locked down as a solid hit. This is just speculation, there are no official plans to approach him. I’m pulling for this one, DC has a hard time of getting momentum built up in the superhero world and I can’t stand disappointment. Come on Goyer, wow me!

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