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Captain Planet and the Planeteers‘ may not be a show that was at the top of everyone’s memory, but it was a cartoon in the 1990’s and focused on five younger people from all around the world who have magical rings that have the power to control natural elements. Together, they can call Captain Planet, a superhero that leads the fight against all the evils that the environment faces. Now Captain Planet is being called again, but this time for a feature film with none other than nature’s greatest hero, Leonardo DiCaprio producing the project.

Leo will produce with Jennifer Davisson Killoran through Appian Way. Jono Matt and Glen Powell are in talks to write the screenplay for the project which is based at Paramount. As of now, Powell is just in talks to write, but he’s a gifted actor with starring credits in FX’sScream Queens‘ and ‘Everybody Wants Some‘, so it’s entirely possible he could be in front of the camera, as well.

The film won’t discount the cartoon, but will take place years after the toon and Captain Planet is not the exciting hero he used to be, he needs to hold onto the kids a bit tighter than they need him to, because he’s a definite has-been at this point.

By Bryan Kluger

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