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Today, voice actors for one of my favorite Batman and Joker combos, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill closed out the Labor Day convention in Canada that held capacity crowds with a hint of what the pair would like to see as future projects for their animated characters.

GalleryTalent_1900x900_JimLee_HUSH_5334836c1d56a3.73192162Conroy and Hamill played to the crowd like pros and complemented the Canucks on being the nicest people and offered his opinion of their Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as “pretty cool”, personally, Trudeau makes me sweat maple syrup he’s so hot. They went on to wow the crowd by suggesting ‘Hush‘ and ‘A Death In The Family‘ as projects they’d like to see the bat and the clown prince tackle.

The pair are riding high on a wave of success generated from their latest collaboration with ‘Batman: The Killing Joke‘. I had some pretty passionate opinions about that film and you can read all about them here. I’ll admit I’m a bit jaded now, and skeptical at the thought of adapting other quintessential comic to a crap-tastic team that wants to add more to the comics, but does it in the worst way.

The death of Jason Todd, more widely known as Robin in the superhero realm plays a pivotal role in both stories and Batman’s romance with Catwoman is a highlight of the ‘Hush‘ story and I’m not ready to see another strong woman in the Bat-world fall to a trembling, crazy girlfriend-type. That is not at the top of my list of things to do.


By Bryan Kluger

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