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Promotional hand out photo of the cover of "Empire of the Summer Moon," by S.C. Gwynne. CREDIT: Simon & Schuster. Received 06/28/10 for 0704gwynne. For 2010 Texas Book Festival Illustration.

Director Derek Cianfrance has announced the next movie he’s prepping for Warner Bros., on the heels of his current project ‘Light Between Oceans‘ which debuts September 2. He will be adapting S.C. Gwynne’sEmpire of the Summer Moon: Quanah parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History‘.

Cianfrance is going back to the well to work with those he’s collaborated with in the past, co-writing the project with the same scribe he worked with for the script on ‘The Place Beyond the Pines‘, Darius Marder. The project will begin shooting in 2017 once the cast is completed from among the Comanche nations.

Quanah Parker was the son of a mother who was taken by Comanche raiders in 1836 she was finally rescued in 1861 by Texas Rangers. Cianfrance states “Quanah Parker grew into his manhood, raged against the theft of his mother and spent his whole life trying to find her again.” He sounds a bit like Anakin Skywalker in that regard, but I watched those movies and I’ll watch this one, too. Carrying on. The film will follow Parker’s relationship with Colonel Ranald Mackenzie, a U.S. cavalary man, who aided Parker in settling the Comanches on a reservation when the former knew it was time to stop fighting.

Check out the Interview with Derek Cianfrance Below!


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