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The ‘Beverly Hills Cop‘ franchise seems to be never ending, or at least never getting up off the ground. That being said, it looks like a 4th film with Eddie Murphy is finally gaining steam once again. We’ve seen this before. Hell, we’ve seen a TV series try to take off, but never happen with this franchise. Maybe this time, it will actually happen, and we will get the Detroit cop back in California once again, solving a crime.

Paramount has tapped Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah to direct the 4th film in the franchise. as these Belgian directors and writers are known mostly for their cool film ‘Black‘, which won awards at the Toronto Film Festival last year, according to Deadline. Eddie Murphy and Jerry Bruckheimer have been working on the script for a while now with the help of Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec. We are hearing that this new story will bring back Axel Foley to his roots from the first film, making it a gritty, yet funny film, and not like the horrible third movie that took place at a theme park.


Maybe this is what Eddie Murphy needs to get his career back in order. Sure he still makes films, but he’s basically gone the Adam Sandler route. I was hoping that Quentin Tarantino could put him in something, but that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe with this 4th film, Eddie will be back on top. I just hope it’s rated R and that Judge Reinhold comes back, along with John Ashton. Maybe Bronson Pinchot will come back and make Axel a mocha lemon twist too. More updates to follow.

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