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Record Store Day 2016 is coming up this weekend, so I thought I’d talk with one of my favorite Record Companies Varèse Sarabande on what we can expect from them this year. I talked with Cary Mansfield, who is the Vice President of Catalog over at Varèse Sarabande. They are releasing FIVE different albums this year for Record Store Day and we go into detail on each release. We also discuss the importance of Record Store Day, how Record companies decide on what to release, and how the whole process works.  It was a fun and lively interview for sure. We even talk about some upcoming releases that will sure knock your socks off, including ‘Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday‘!

The five releases are:


Moody Blues – Moody Blues # 1

Can you believe it’s been almost 40 years since this album was printed on vinyl? Record Store Day sees the classic Moody Blues album brought back, pressed on 180 gram vinyl and limited to 3200 copies. Features their first American hit and original lineup (including Denny Lane).

Side One: 1. I’ll Go Crazy, 2. And My Baby’s Gone, 3. Go Now!, 4. It’s Easy Child, 5. Can’t Nobody Love You, 6. I’ve Got A Dream; Side Two:
1. Let Me Go, 2. I Don’t Want To Go On Without You, 3. True Story, 4. It Ain’t Necessarily So, 5. Bye Bye Bird



The Easybeats – Good Friday 

This version of the classic Easybeats album, resurrected for Record Store Day, was originally released in the UK, featuring different album art and different tracks than the U.S. version as well as different mixes. All in Mono, taken from the original master tapes. Pressed on 180 gram and limited to 2500 copies.

Side One: 1. River Deep, Mountain High, 2. Do You Have a Soul, 3. Saturday Night, 4. You Me, We Love, 5. Pretty Girl, 6. Friday on My Mind; Side Two:
1. Happy Is The Man, 2. Hound Dog, 3. Who’ll Be the One, 4. Made My Bed Gonna Lie in It, 5. Remember Sam, 6. See Line Woman


Dark Shadows TV Soundtrack

Record Store Day celebrates the 50th anniversary of Dark Shadows with this special release, complete with the original poster from the 1966 album, and pressed on purple 180g vinyl. Take a trip back to Collinwood Mansion and enjoy “Quentin’s Theme” while you are there. Belive it or not this album remains one of Billboard’s Top 10 selling television soundtracks of all time. You’re welcome.

Side One:
1 Opening Themes:
Dark Shadows/Collinwood
2. I’ll Be With You, Always
3. Josette’s Theme
4. A Darkness At Collinwood
5. Meditations
6. Night Of The Pentagram
7. When I’m Dead
8. No. 1 At The Blue Whale

Side Two:
1. Shadows Of The Night (Quention’s Theme)
2.The Secret Room
3. Epitaph
4. Séance
5. I, Barnabas
6. Back At The Blue Whale
7. The Old House
8. Epilogue/Dark Shadows


John Wick Soundtrack

The ‘John Wick’ soundtrack is being released for the first time on vinyl. It features the previously unreleased track “Killing Strangers,” by Marilyn Manson, which was integral to the film but was not on the soundtrack CD, plus a new and exclusive extended mix of Le Castle Vania’s “LED Signals.” In keeping with the theme, this first vinyl release will be presented on gun-metal colored vinyl.
1. Killing Strangers by Marilyn Manson (5:36)
2. In My Mind by M86 (3:08)
3. Think by Kaleida (4:00)
4. Who You Talkin’ To Man? by Ciscandra Nostalghia (4:42)
5. Evil Man Blues by The Candy Shop Boys (4:21)

1. The Red Circle by Le Castle Vania (1:01)
2. The Drowning by Le Castle Vania (2:25)
3. LED Spirals by Le Castle Vania (3:16)
4. Shots Fired by Le Castle Vania (3:12)
5. Assassins (2:12)
6. Story Of Wick (3:04)
7. Lure The Wolf (2:05)
8. On The Hunt (2:12)
9. Warehouse Smack Down (2:45)



How To Train Your Dragon Soundtrack 

For Record Store Day, this soundtrack is pressed on 180g green vinyl with white veins and black labels to emulate a “Dragon’s Eye”. With a four-color poster inside, this “Dragon Eye” green LP is numbered and limited to 2000 copies so don’t try to buy more than that! Includes the track “Sticks and Stones” from Jonsi of Sigur Ros.

Side One 1. This Is Berk, 2. Dragon Battle, 3. Dragon Training, 4. Forbidden Friendship, 5. See You Tomorrow; Side Two 1. Romantic Flight, 2. Battling The Green Death, 3. Counter Attack, 4. Where’s Hiccup?, 5. Coming Back Around, 6. Sticks & Stones


Enjoy the interview.


By Bryan Kluger

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