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We’re getting so close! We only have a few more months until the debut of ‘Finding Dory‘ in theaters everywhere, and June 17, 2016 is the magic date, but Disney has shown mercy on their legions of fans by giving us a new trailer today!!!

Ellen DeGeneres is still hilarious as the forgetful blue tang Dory and she’s back with her friends Nemo and Marlin (Albert Brooks) as she searches for answers about her past that, of course she’s forgotten about! Spoiler – Dory can actually speak whale!!!

Check out this exciting trailer from director Andrew Stanton (‘Finding Nemo‘) with additional voices provided by Ed O’Neill, Ty Burrell, Eugene Levy and Diane Keaton!

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Movie Quotes

Emmett Smith:
[coming downstairs] Luke, something's wrong! Harry missed the reel change.
Peter Appleton:
[distracted] What?
Emmett Smith:
Harry missed the reel change.
Peter Appleton:
[running up to the projector's booth] Harry?
[he enters the projector's booth and see's Harry on the floor]
Peter Appleton:
Harry. Jesus!
[he kneels by his side, he turns to Emmett]
Peter Appleton:
Go get Doc!
Emmett Smith:
[calling] Doc! Doc! Harry's in trouble! Come quick!
[Doc heads for the projector's booth]
Harry Trimble:
[weak] Oh, no. No.
Peter Appleton:
What, Harry? What?
Harry Trimble:
I missed the damn reel change.
Peter Appleton:
[quietly] It's all right. You just lay still. Doc's on his way. I'm here.
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