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With Hell in a Cell just 24 hours in the past (which can be viewed on the WWE Network), WWE took over San Diego,CA with Monday Night Raw! The fall out of the previous evening had the WWE Universe a buzz with anticipation. Would we get an answer on why Bray Wyatt did what he did? How would the return of Alberto Del Rio effect the United States Title picture as the new champion? And most importantly, what is next for the Demon Slayer, Seth Rollins, now that he has once again, made good on his word and liberated the WWE of the power abusing Director of Operations? All the questions were answered and now we have a #1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Did you miss Raw? Find out what happened now!






The Authority Congratulates Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns Rudely Interrupts…

The night began as it should, with the Authority coming out to bask in yet another successful event. And of course to congratulate their hand picked face for the WWE, the man who is and will lead this generations’ WWE Superstars into the future, our beloved WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins, on his hard fought victory over the Demon Kane!

As it turns out, The Man, has also left the Triple H and Stephanie in an awkward position, every challenger they put before him, Seth has knocked down and come away victorious. Simply put, The Authority has run out of superstars to throw at Seth and now it was time for the victors of Hell in a Cell to compete for the title of #1 Contender. They would get the chance to earn the right to lose to Seth Rollins (cause we all know that’s what would happen)

Unfortunately, the well deserved adulation was cut short as hot head Roman Reigns, obviously overcome by jealousy of his former team mate’s success, came down to the ring and proceeded to insult the Savior of the WWE and made his intentions known to the WWE Universe that he would be the one to become the #1 Contender.

But first, he had to earn his spot in the Fatal 4 Way to determine the #1 contender by defeating New Day member, Kofi Kingston.


Roman Reigns VS Kofi Kingston

Winner Advances to #1 Contender Fatal 4 Way

Winner: Roman Reigns

One might think this an easy win for Roman Reigns. On paper Kofi looked to be an easy win. But in reality, the one half of the Tag Team champions took the fight to Reigns and made him earn every bit of offense he got. On more than one occasion the high flyer had the Big Dog reeling and on the defensive. The former United States Champion used his speed and agility to land some high risk, hard hitting moves, but inevitably and despite interference from Big E, Roman Reigns was able to fight back, land devestating moves like a sit down powerbomb, numerous clothes lines, thunderous right hands, his patented drive by drop kick amongst other Reigns trade mark moves to pick up the win and advance to the Main Event.

This match was a great start to the evening. It got the crowd fired up and it was fast paced and did not drag on. As much as I love Kofi, it is the natural order of things for Roman to win over him. Why? Kofi just doesn’t have the power needed to beat down Roman. Kofi’s strength lies in his speed and athleticism. Unfortunately for Kofi, his abilities will never measure up to someone like Roman one on one. That being said, it’s not ike this was a blow off match. Kofi brought the fight. Roman had to work for it. I can honestly say though, I’d like to see them face off again in the future. not for anything, but their styles are different, and it’s intriguing to me to see them mash up.


Kevin Owens VS Cesaro

Winner Advances to #1 Contender Fatal 4 Way

Winner: Kevin Owens

The next match did not disappoint either. Even though he won the previous evening, Kevin Owen’s match left a bit to be desired. He more than made up for it in his showing against Cesaro. The two clashed in a bitter fight that show cased how extremely talented both men are and how beautiful it is to witness a match between the two of them. Owens attempted to overwhelm Cesaro in the early goings of the match, but his arrogance seemed to get the best of him as he boasted to Michael Cole about the punishment he was dealing to the Swiss Superman.

It was at this point that Cesaro turned the tables and brought the fight in such a way, that Owens attempted to escape the beating! The man with his own section would not have it as he dragged KO back to the ring and the match continued. It was a back and forth battle with each man delivering devestating blows that would have knocked lesser men into next week. In the end a pop up powerbomb would be the move that would proper Kevin Owens into the Fatal 4 Way to determine the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Loved this match. I enjoy watching Cesaro do his thing in the ring. He is truly gifted. Kevin Owens is another one who is gifted. Both men made gold with this match. Owens though, needs to concentrate more on his opponent and less on Michael Cole. Unless he is willing to do what he did to Alex Riley, then just leave Michael Cole alone. He isn’t worth the breath wasted on him.


Team PCB VS Team Bella

Winner: Team Bella

At Hell in a Cell, the Divas gave a match that was one of the best of the evening. On Raw, they fell short. Not sure what it is about the red lights of the Monday night show that just makes a Divas match not that great, but this 6 woman tag match was like watching paint dry. Sure it had its moments on interest but it just lacked a fire and drive I expect from the talent involved. (Unless your name is Bella, then I just expect the crap that the WWE Universe was subjected to on Raw.)

It was a pretty one sided match with Team Bella dominating for a good portion of it. The crowd wanted Becky Lynch and when they got her, they got to see her get a forearm to the face and then receive a Rack Attack that allowed Nikki to get the win for her team. (bet you’re happy now WWE Universe, see what you did?)

After the match, wonder of wonders, Paige attacked her team! She laid Becky out with a  Ram-Paige and then locked Charlotte in the PTO. Guess they aren’t besties anymore. I can see a Paige vs Charlotte match in the works here. Should be interesting.


Neville VS Alberto Del Rio

Winner Advances to #1 Contender Fatal 4 Way

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio faced Neville in one on one action to see who would advance to the Fatal 4 Way to determine the #1 contender for Seth Rollins’ championship. The two battled viciously with Del Rio controlling and dictating the pace of the match.  He showed the same brutality that he had become known for before his..uh… time away… But it was no cake walk as Neville’s high risk unpredictable style was able to earn him some much needed offense. The turning point in the match that solidified Mexico’s Greatest Export’s victory was the double foot stomp to his opponent, who was tangled in the tree of woe. Del Rio picked up the win and advanced to the Main Event.

I am still a bit unsure of the Alliance between Del Rio and Colter. It just doesn’t make much sense, and has anyone checked on Jack Swagger lately? Isn’t Zeb supposed to be his manager? So many unanswered questions! Any who, this match started slow as the two felt each other out. But once it got rolling, there was no stopping it. Neville’s lack of being chained down by gravity seemed to throw Del Rio off his game a bt, but he quickly adapted like the professional he is and put Neville on the ground. Good match between two solid workers.


Rusev, Sheamus, & King Barrett VS The Dudley Boyz & Ryback

Winner: Rusev, Sheamus, & King Barrett

Now it came time for the Hell In A Cell losers to show what they got in a 6 man tag team match that saw the European Coalition as I like to call them vs The Dudleys and Ryback. This match was chaos from the on set.  It’s a wonder the referee was able to gain control at all. D-Von Dudley ended up taking the brunt of the punishment as Rusev, Barrett, and Sheamus took turns dismantling him and keeping the ring cut off.

Ryback, once tagged in, was able turn the tide for his team. At one point it looked as if the Dudley’s and the hungriest man in the WWE were going to get the win as all three hit meat hook clotheslines after the chanting chorus of “Feed Me More,” echoed through the WWE Universe. But it was King Barrett who was able to benefit from the distraction that allowed him to roll Bubba Ray up for a quick 1,2,3.

My how the European Coalition thrives together. Sure they didn’t come out on top at Hell in a Cell, but these men work dang well together. Must be something in the water over in Europe. The Dudleys and Ryback worked well together too and as stated before nearly pulled off the victory. Their styles mesh well, but there seemed to be a bit of a disconnect that allowed the amazing chemistry of their opponents to win out.


Bray Wyatt Explains His Actions

The Eater of Worlds returned to the WWE Universe, and holy crap is that Abigail’s chair? (Yes, he and his family destroyed the Undertaker and I’m worried about a chair >.> I mentioned I have issues before…) Bray explained that he would go after Roman Reigns once more but only after he was revitalized and through the power of the Undertaker he would be resurrected, for even at that moment, he was feasting on the soul of the Undertaker.

Kane, the Undertaker’s brother (and loser to the superior talent that is Seth Rollins), took exception and stormed to the ring in an effort to seek retribution for the wrong done to his family. That’s when the trap was sprung and out appeared Luke Harper, Braun Strowman, and Erick Rowan. The family pounced on the Demon. At first Kane held his own but the numbers and sheer power of the Wyatts over powered him and, like his brother, he fell. The Wyatt family carried out Kane much as they did the Phenom the previous evening. Bray Wyatt has collected the Brothers of Destruction and soon their power will be his.

The WWE is now being put on notice. Bray Wyatt with the combined power of Taker and Kane coursing through him, backed by his family, will be an unstoppable force. he will be able to take anything he wishes and no one will be able to do anything about it. He truly does have the whole world in his hands.


Big E VS Dolph Ziggler

Winner Advances to #1 Contender Fatal 4 Way

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

This match was a bit painful to watch as Big E powered his way through Dolph Ziggler for a good portion of the match. It seemed as if Ziggler was constantly on the defensive, reacting to the punishment he received and had but a few gasps of offense against the New Day’s powerhouse. But those bits of offense were what paid off in the long run as the Show Off was able to hit a Zig Zag on Big E to pick up the win and advance to the Main Event.

Not much to really say about this match. It had its entertaining moments, such as Kofi taking up the helm as cheerleader since Xavier Woods is still absent. The announcers seemed to be make a big deal about Big E playing the New Day Rocks chant on Ziggler’s ribs while he was trapped in an abdominal stretch, but Big E does it often, and yes each time I giggle. It’s just funny! The win went to Dolph who had no time to relax before the next match, which would determine the #1 contender to the WWE World Heavyweight championship.


Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens vs Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler

Fatal 4 Way

Winner Becomes #1 Contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Winner: Roman Reigns

There was no rhyme or reason that governed this match. The ref did his best to maintain control, but let’s be totally honest. There is no way to maintain a semblance of order in a Fatal 4 Way match where there are no count outs and no DQs. Each man took his turn being beaten and brutalized and, or teamed up briefly to take out another superstar. Some high lights include Del Rio hitting his running enziguri, Reigns hitting a drive by drop kick on Del Rio at the same time Kevin Owens nailed Del Rio with a running cannon Ball. Dolph Ziggler going one on one with Roman and nearly putting the big man down.

But the most beautiful moment in the match came at the end when it was KO and Roman Reigns squaring off. Owens went for the pop up powerbomb but Roman countered in mid air and nailed the Intercontinental Champion with a superman punch that he then followed up with a spear for the win. Reigns secured his position as the #1 contender and earned his chance to face Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

This match was insane. it was fast and everywhere you looked something was happening. Each man could have won the match and had the ability to do so. Not one of them phoned this one in but gave everything he had to try and earn that #1 contendership. But hey, we all know that the winner will ultimately be a loser. For though they won this match, they are destined to lose to our beloved champion, the demon slayer, the savior of the WWE, and the Authority’s hand picked leader of the next generation of superstars, Seth Rollins. Reigns does not stand a chance.



Angelic Heel

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