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Stephen King has some amazing story-telling abilities and this makes his work a goldmine for both film and TV adaptations.’The Mist‘ has been made into a movie is looking at becoming a TV series now. Fans of ‘Under The Dome‘ may be critical and a little suspicious of how this will play out after the cancellation of that series, also a King property.

The Weinstein Company’s Dimension Television is developing the series based on King’s novella which was a 2007 film directed by Frank Darabont. King has given his blessing to the project and writer Christian Torpe.

The series will tell an original story about a small town that is tossed into turmoil with the arrival of a seemingly innocent mist. The mist arrives with terrors that range from psychological terrors to creatures from another world. The town residents battle with their own personal demons while learning more about each other and how to beat the devils the mist is throwing at them.

Dimension TV’s Megan Spanjian, Matthew Signer and Keith Levine are overseeing the project. The Weinstein Company has been wading deeper into the TV game with gaining U.S. rights to the crime drama ‘Trapped‘ and today they nabbed the North American rights to ‘Doctor Thorne‘, a three-part drama for ITV from ‘Downton Abbey‘ creator Julian Fellowes.

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