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If you’re so stoked for AMC’s spinoff of ‘The Walking Dead‘, ‘Fear The Walking Dead‘, and the 2 more days seems too damn far away, you can get a mini-fix thanks to the network for releasing a 3-minute clip, which is the opening sequence to the upcoming zombie creeper.

The jury’s still out for me until I see it in it’s entirety, but I’m excited so far, what do you think?!

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Movie Quotes

Melissa Robinson:
[in her office, she is showing Ace a video of the halftime routine performed by their missing mascot, Snowflake. She sees Ace chewing on either birdseeds or sunflower seeds, and spreading the leftovers in a neat pile on her desk] Would you like an ashtray?
Ace Ventura:
Hmm-mmm. I don't smoke. It's a disgusting habit.
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994) The Movie Quotes