Angelic Heel Once More!

WWE‘s developmental brand, NXT (available on the WWE Network for $9.99 a month) took to the road this week as the show blew through Columbus, OH! The show promised to be insane as Alexa Bliss was set to take NXT Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks and Alex Riley finally got his chance at NXT Champion, Kevin Owens. Was Alex able to RAGE and get his retribution on the champion for humiliating him or did the former commentator meet an end similar to Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville? Find out now!!





Tyler Breeze vs Kalisto

Winner: Tyler Breeze via pinfall

 The night began with an exciting match between one half of the Lucha Dragons taking on Tyler Breeze. Prince pretty did his best to keep the pace slow with submissions as he knew full well that a faster paced match would favor his high flying opponent. Kalisto however was able to turn the tides and pick up the pace as he used his speed and agility to keep the gorgeous one reeling. But Tyler would not stay down no matter what the former tag team champion threw at him and Tyler changed the tides of the match when he countered the luchadore’s springboard dive with a brutal drop kick.

Kalisto, however, was far from finished. He showed his resiliency as he took control of the match once more only to lose it again when he was hit with a Supermodel kick. AGAIN Kalisto showed how much he wanted the win over Breeze as he was able to hit a prone Tyler with a 450 splash that nearly ended the match. But Prince Pretty showed his fight and determination as he revered the Solida del Sol into a Beauty Shot that allowed him to pick up the pinfall win against Kalisto!

Very fun match. And it is good to see Tyler picking up momentum as he hunts down an opportunity at the NXT Championship. I will say it was also fun seeing Kalisto in singles competition. I really enjoy watching him work. The moves he pulls off are simply amazing. I am especially fond of his spring board cork screw cross body. it is a work of art to see it executed in a match.


big cas

Colin Cassady vs Blake

Winner: Blake via pinfall

 Big Cass, who is usually in a playful mood, was all business as he was set to take on one half of the current NXT Tag Champions, Blake. The big man dominated his opponent and shut down the dub step cowboy’s offense on every occasion. Big Boots and feats of strength filled the match as the 7ft athlete set to prove that him and Enzo deserved to be number 1 contenders for the titles. However, due to a distraction when Murphy climbed up on the apron to attempt to distract Cass but caught a big boot to the face for his troubles. But that’s all the time that Blake needed, he was able to shove his larger more powerful opponent back into the ropes which knocked Carmella (why the hell was she up there in the first place?) from the apron onto the floor. Blake rolled a distracted Colin Cassady up and held the tights to steal the win.

Really enjoying the rivalry between these two teams. The stolen win and the injury to Carmella just heated this thing up quickly and it is set to boil over soon. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Enzo take on Murphy next week. The two realest guys in the room are definitely stepping up there game and coming for those titles. All that really needs to happen to prove that the dub step cowboys are SAWFT is to get a couple wins over them. So why am I so against Blake and Murphy? They are heels shouldn’t I be all about them? Here’s the thing, I find them boring. They are pretty generic and I haven’t seen much that set’s them apart. Enzo Amore and Big Cass on the other hand, they are stand out performers that are just fun to watch and listen to. Yes I parrot Enzo and Cass EVERY TIME they come out. Don’t judge, if you’re reading this, you know you do too.



Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss

Non-Title Match

Winner: Alexa Bliss via count out


The fairy princess, Alexa Bliss went one on one with the NXT Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks. The match began hot and heated as Bliss took advantage early but her over zealousness cost her as the Boss was able to take control and show Alexa exactly who she was dealing with. Banks used submission holds to try and wear the sparkley diva down but Alexa was able to power out of them and yet again mount a bit of an offense againt the champion. The action spilled to ringside and Banks attempted to shove her opponent into the ring post, but Alexa countered and returned the favor by shoving Sasha into the unforgiving steel. Bliss then rolled back into the ring just in time to pick up the count out victory over the Women’s Champion.

So how does a count out victory entitle Alexa Bliss to a title shot? I don’t get it. It’s not like she pinned Sasha. Sure technically it’s a victory over the champion but its a cop out victory. Like, “ooo yay I can roll into the ring faster than you, let me pick up this BS victory that took no skill or ability, just me getting a cheap shot and then being able jump in the ring faster, look at me I’m so great!” I’m really not a fan of count our victorys. But it will all be settled next week when the Baddest Diva in NXT wipes the floor with miss glitter sparkle.


Kevin Owens vs Alex Riley

Winner: Kevin Owens via pinfall

This Match was a bit on the one sided side of things. Sure Alex Riley did his best at first but his little bit of offence was quickly shut down by Kevin Owens who effortlessly took control of the match with his signature style that has made him so dangerous. As he delivered the beat down that Riley had coming to him. Kevin mocked the former commentator for ever stepping back into the ring after a two year hiatus. Alex showed signs of life as he was able to dodge a cannonball from the deceptively agile champion. Riley let his rage flow as he hit a massive spine buster that actually had Owens regroup to the out side. However, the champion wrested control back and delivered not one, not two, but THREE sentons to the would be returned wrestler and finished Alex Riley off with a HUGE pop up powerbomb to pick up the easy victory over his clearly inferior opponent.

Alex Riley’s night was not over. The champion felt it was his duty to make an example of A-Ry, why? Well, it’s to be expected if you insult a man for him to show the world that that is just a bad idea. What better way to do that than to beat the ever loving life out of the offender? And that is exactly what Kevin Owens intended to do to Alex Riley, but the Irish Demon, Finn Balor ruin the moment as he came to the aid of the beaten Alex Riley. A huge drop kick from Balor to Owens took the Champion down, but Kevin just narrowly avoided the Coup de Grace. Owens stategically regrouped his way back up the stage leaving Balor in the ring.

Definitely enjoyed this match. Sometimes it’s just fun to see an old fashioned ass whooping. Sure Alex Riley had a few moments of brilliance and sure he looks good in the ring for having been out of it for two years, but the home boy should know better than to get in the ring with someone as wonderfully sadistic as Kevin Owens. Just sayin, he got what he deserved. The addition of Finn Balor at the end made their match next week a must see. The two different styles of Finn Balor and Kevin Owens is going to make the match one of the best in the year for sure.



Angelic Heel

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