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CA: Premiere Of Paramounts' Remake Of "The Manchurian Candidate" - Arrivals

In the wake of multiple announcements from Netflix in regards to original programming, Hulu offers their response, a 9-episode original series based on ‘11/22/63‘ from mega-writer Stephen King.

From 2011, the novel combines elements of mystery and thriller with time-travel and the John F. Kennedy assassination all into one intriguing read. I couldn’t put this book down, it gripped my attention like a toothless hillbilly holds onto moonshine. Savvy King readers will notice that, of course, Maine plays part of the setting, but more than that, a certain clown made famous by the scribe leaps off the pages once again! It’s the little things that lead me to being a life-long fan.

Leading the cast is James Franco as Jake Epping, a divorced English teacher who discovers a time portal that leads to 9/9/1958. He is taken with the idea of changing history, he finds the events of the past quite resistant to change – without a price. The unique offering this novel provides the streaming service is the possibility of expansion. Why stop with the Kennedy assassination? History is rife with decades, even centuries this premise could be adapted to making it anthology material. J.J. Abrams optioned the book in 2013 and appears to have found Hulu an agreeable home for the project from his Bad Robot Productions banner




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