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John Leguizamo is one of those guys that demands your attention when he’s on screen, it may be in an utterly ridiculous capacity, he could be the bad guy and even if he’s the all-around good guy he’s going to throw some depth of character in there that will make your eye gravitate to him. So it’s no wonder he’s got 9 projects going for 2015 alone in addition to a traveling comedy show.


Taxi-22‘  is based on a French Canadian comedy and is Leguizamo’s next project and series commitment where he will play a politically incorrect NYC cab driver in the new series. CBS bought the project with James Gandolfini attached to executive produce just two weeks before ‘The Sopranos‘ stars tragic death in 2013. Gandolfini originally developed the project for HBO and went through three different attempts at the studio before it was shelved. It remained a pet project for the actor who finally found it a home at CBS.

It may have taken a while to get the wheels under this series, but it is finally moving. Thankfully it has remained a priority to get it to the pilot stage for series consideration and Gandolfini will receive a posthumous executive producer credit. For now though, enjoy the opening scene from one of Leguizamo’s lesser well known films ‘The Pest‘, for comedy, this is pure gold.

By Bryan Kluger

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